Reasons You Don't Want to Skip Over Maternity Photo Session

October 17, 2019

 Reasons You Don't Want To Skip Over Having A Maternity Photo Session


Whether you're on your first or your fifth, pregnancy is always a unique and beautiful experience.


Every time has its special memories, varying milestones and sometimes, symptoms. And while this is often a time of great joy and anticipation, it can also be a tad uncomfortable as your body changes and you do the hard work of developing a new life!

Because pregnancy can become increasingly uncomfortable and cumbersome toward the end, it’s easy to pass up on maternity pictures, especially if you’re not head over heels with your full-term baby bump.

However, passing up on maternity pictures is by far the number one regret I hear from my newborn and children’s photography clients. After all, hindsight is 20/20, and while you might be intensely camera-shy during your last trimester, the mama you’ll become is going to yearn for looking back on that special moment in time, and here’s why…

To look back on this season for strength.

Motherhood is easily one of life’s greatest adventures, but it can also be filled with our biggest trials. Sleepless nights, tears and tantrums, there are countless moments you’ll feel like you’re nearing the end of your rope.

But, you’re a “Mom,” and that means you can handle anything your littles throw your way, but even with that in mind, sometimes it’s nice to have a visual reminder of your strength and that you’re capable of doing miraculous and difficult feats.

And what a better reminder than the magical time right before your motherhood journey began? 

Your baby’s going to want to look back on these moments, too.

Of course, your baby won’t understand the significance of these photographs for some time to come, but that’s precisely the point…your maternity photos are timeless. They’re keepsakes not just for you, but for your baby (and they’ll always be your baby no matter how old they are) who will undoubtedly want to see what their mama looked like before they made their grand entrance into the world.

To feel beautiful

Maybe you’re someone who has felt gorgeous during every stage of pregnancy, or perhaps you found yourself nodding in agreement when I mentioned feeling uncomfortable and less-than-in-love with your ever growing baby bump.

No matter where you fall, every mama-to-be indeed is beautiful whether you feel it or not. If you do happen to love your gorgeous glow, then you’re likely going to want to capture it on camera, but if not, I’d argue that having maternity photos taken will be just the thing you need to see and embrace your beauty during this stage of motherhood.

You certainly wouldn’t be the first mama-to-be who I’ve heard exclaim “I look beautiful!“ in shock and awe…sometimes seeing that beauty just takes another perspective (along with an outfit you can’t help but feel glamorous in)! 


Sooooooo, embrace and capture these moments before your family grows...

Finally, a maternity session is one of the best ways to capture the time with your family as it exists right at this moment whether that means it’s just you, just you and your significant other, or with your kiddos before they become big brothers and sisters.

A maternity session gives you the opportunity to capture not just your growth in motherhood (literally), but also the growth of your family.

There’s something to be said about freezing a moment in time that you can revisit for years and lifetimes to come.