Maternity Photo Session

April 20, 2018

You guys! This is my third BLOG. I've really tried to prioritize, & blogging has been high up on that list-- not sure if anyone really looks/reads this blog to begin with, but I really enjoy being able to talk about sessions, & give a bit more of an in depth look at what a maternity session with me looks like!

Matt and Krysta contacted me because she wanted a maternity session that reflected her idea for her soon-to-be baby boy baseball theme.  

I love being able to capture my clients ideas and bringing them to life.  There are so many feelings that a soon to be mama experiences right before giving birth-- excitement, anxiety, happiness, nostalgia-- I want to capture it all!  Dad was all about letting Mama shine.  I love watching Dad's gaze at their beautiful wife during their solo portion of the session, you can really see the love and admiration they hold for their significant others!