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Hi Friends,

It's that time of year!  Yep, Holiday Family Photo Session Time!

I thought it would be very helpful to blog about helping kids prepare for your photo session with me.

1.  Talk about it as a family and don't spring it on them unexpectedly. Why? Because this will give you time to address any apprehensions or questions your family may have. Have a family meeting and show them family photography images.

2. Explain to your kids why it's important to you to have family photos done. Talk about the feeling you get seeing the family all together and having those photos displayed throughout your home.

3. Let your kids help pick out their outfits or with the process. This will help them feel that their input is needed and important to the success of the photo session. 

4. On your session day have a laid back schedule and plan naps accordingly so that younger kids are well rested. Avoid overscheduling your day with other commitments that could jeopardize your mood and your punctuality. Plan a fun dinner or ice cream for the family after the shoot to cap off the day.


5.  Moms, Lead By Example. On photo day try to lead the family in terms of attitude. Relax and have fun and encourage everyone to do the same. Sometimes all it takes for a session to go well is for a parent to have a positive attitude. 


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